Werewolf is a party game of social deduction and deception.


How does it work?

Before the game starts, players are assigned to one of two teams - werewolves or villagers.

The villagers need to find the werewolves and lynch them before the werewolves slaughter the entire village.

villager werewolf

Villagers might also be assigned special roles - the Seer or Doctor. These players gain extra abilities but are still villagers.

seer seer

You can technically play with as few as 4 players, but ideally you'd want at least 6 for the game to be interesting and fun. You can set the number of roles in the game to your liking, but you'd probably want to stick to 1 werewolf for every 4 players.

Once roles are randomly assigned, the game begins!

Playing the game

Each round consists of two phases: Night Phase and Day Phase.

Night Phase

During the night phase, everyone goes to sleep. Those with special roles now have an opportunity to perform their unique action.


The Seer may select one person to investigate. That person's team is revealed to them.


The Doctor may select one person to protect. That person cannot be hurt.


The werewolves confer (if there is more than one) and select a villager to kill. Unless that person is saved by the Doctor, that person is slaughtered and their death is announced the next morning.


The rest of the villagers do nothing but sleep, oblivious to the danger that potentially awaits them.

Day Phase

During the day phase, the players have some time to discuss the events of the previous night. What happened? Was anybody saved? Did anybody die? Who could have done such a thing?

Through discussion, players will need to decide who they suspect might be werewolves, and those that are werewolves need to say whatever they can to deflect suspicion onto innocent players. Lie like your life depends on it! (it does)

This might be a good time for the Seer and Doctor to reveal what they know. They need to be careful though, because revealing that you're one of either could very well paint a target on your back!

The players then have a chance to vote for the player that they suspect might be a werewolf. If there is a majority of votes for a single player, that player is lynched and removed from the game. Tie votes result in no lynchings. Only one lynching may happen per day.

The rounds continue, cycling through the day and night phases until the win conditions are met.


Winning the game

The villagers win the game if all the werewolves are killed.

The werewolves win the game if the number of remaining werewolves and villagers are equal.